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Watch World War Z Movie Online Free

Watch World War Z Movie Online Free

World War Z (2013)

IMDB: World War Z (2013)
Also Known As: Guerra Mundial Z
Year: 2013
Country: USA, Malta
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy
Director: Marc Forster
Writing credits:
Matthew Michael Carnahan – (screenplay)
Drew Goddard – (screenplay)
Damon Lindelof – (screenplay)
Matthew Michael Carnahan – (screen story)
J. Michael Straczynski – (screen story)
Max Brooks – (based on the novel by)
Brad Pitt – Gerry Lane
Eric West – Jason
Mireille Enos – Karen Lane
James Badge Dale
Matthew Fox
David Morse
Elyes Gabel – Fassbach
Michiel Huisman – Ellis
Julian Seager – Russian Zombie Killer
David Andrews – Navy Captain Mullenaro
Daniel Newman – Mick Jones
Sterling Jerins – Constance Lane
Julia Levy-Boeken
Trevor White – C-17 Pilot
Nikola Djuricko – Airliner Co Pilot
Lee Nicholas Harris – Russian Special Forces Soldier (credit only)
Iván Kamarás – Gambling Soldier
Abigail Hargrove – Rachel Lane
Basher Savage – Vityok
Sarah Sharman – Zombie
Mustafa Harris – Lincoln
Féodor Atkine
Katrina Vasilieva – Valentina
Fana Mokoena – Thierry
Josh Wingate – Staff Sergeant Phelps
Daniella Kertesz – Segan
John Gordon Sinclair
Jonathan Howard – Foster
Daniel Harland – Zombie
Vicky Araico – Tomas’ Mother
Khalid Laith – Thierry Aide 2
Fabrizio Zacharee Guido – Tomas
Nick Bartlett – Short Sleeves
Kevin Kiely – Motorcycle Cop
Gio Dangadze – Tyler
Philippe Durand – Henri
Okezie Morro – Putnam
Sami Tesfay – Thug
Peter Basham – Harrison
Aren Devlin – Kemi
Ernesto Cantu – Tomas’ Father
Mark Hampton – Technician
Alastair Thomson Mills – Wiles – Journalist / Zombie
Faruk Pruti – Garry’s Recruit
Shane Hart – Navy Officer Lt Matthews
Ann Ogbomo – Pryce
Kingsley Ben-Adir – Officer Hawkins
Noa Bodner – Female IDF Soldier
Colin Matthews – U.N. Representative
Ian James Cameron – Cpl. Butler
Gil Cohen-Alloro – Israeli General #1
Graham Hornsby – Apron
Ulrika Belogriva – Russian Passenger
Oleg Kalninsh – Alexey
Cristian Nicolae – Sean
Hugh Terry – Cookie Cotter
Jake Pashkin – Zombie
Peteris Briedis – Civilian Hostage
Leroy Osei-Bonsu – Refugee 3
Jerome Boyle – SWAT Officer
Piers Roberts – Russian Ship’s Pilot
Lucy Aharish – Palestinian Woman (uncredited)
Tim Ahern – Opening Scene Co Pilot (uncredited)
Emmanuel Akintunde – Zombie (uncredited)
Bethany Apedaile – Civilian (uncredited)
Lee Asquith-Coe – U.S Marine Helicopter Soldier (uncredited)
Mark Badham – Zombie (uncredited)
Kristopher James Blair – Civilian (uncredited)
Katia Bokor – Lobo Worker Aleftyina (uncredited)
Michael Anthony Brown – Briefing Room Person 5 (uncredited)
Paul Burt – Extra (uncredited)
Raun Carswell – Russian Refugee (uncredited)
Christian Contreras – Medic (uncredited)
James Cotter – Russian Solider (uncredited)
Katinka Egres – Journalist (uncredited)
Jason Gregg – Deck Crew (uncredited)
Mark Holden – Co-Pilot (uncredited)
Alex Humes – Russian Soldier #1 (uncredited)
Jeremy Hurst – Petty Officer USN (uncredited)
Lewis James – U.S Soldier (uncredited)
Aggy Kukawka – Russian Girl (uncredited)
Michael Lanchbury – Ship Trooper (uncredited)
John Macmillan – Officer (uncredited)
Joseph Andrew Mclean – Office Worker (uncredited)
Eric Michels – Staff Sargeant James (uncredited)
Alex Moore – U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
Kiera Morgan – Gerry Lane’s Recruit (uncredited)
Mike Noble – Camp Humphreys Soldier 4 (uncredited)
Freddie Lee Peterkin – Looter (uncredited)
Gino Picciano – Zombie (uncredited)
Geoffrey Robe – Flight Deck Crew (uncredited)
Lucy Russell – UN Aide #1 (uncredited)
Barnabás Réti – Specnaz (uncredited)
Jurgen Schwarz – Columbian Refugee (uncredited)
Santi Scinelli – Looter (uncredited)
Sharon Sheehan – United Nations Security Council (uncredited)
Marcus Sinclair – U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
Frank Soldato – Military Prisoner (uncredited)
Kirsty Anne Symonds – Person in Briefing Room (uncredited)
Aaron Tavaler – Person in Briefing Room 1 (uncredited)
Paul Warren – Russian Zombie (uncredited)
Gillean Young – Family Man’s Wife in Car (uncredited)

World War Z Movie Synopsis:

World War Z movie is about the story of Gerry Lane, an employee of United Nations who races against time in order to stop the Zombie pandemic that will topple the governments as well as the armies, and ultimately threatens to destroy humanity. It’s up for Gerry to save the world and its people from the incoming danger that lurks to terminate mankind.

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